Via Horror Freak News-Watch CHOPPING MALL for 24 Hours On Black Friday on #ShoutFactoryTV!

What will you be doing on Black Friday? Running to a local store for all the hot deals on TVs and the latest in all the fun things that you can purchase? Or you could always head over to Shout Factory TV and watch the 80’s classic, CHOPPING MALL. for 24 hours! Eight teenagers are…

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Via B&S About Movies-Exploring The Weapons, The Hours and The Motives of Slasher Films

This weekend, after literal months of watching slashers prepping for this October’s Slasher Month event, I started thinking about each subsequent slasher as a game of Clue. To wit: How did each person get killed? What holiday or time of year killed them? And why did they get wiped out? Francesco Mazzei’s 1972 giallo lent this […]

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Via We Minored in Film-31 Days of Halloween: The Furies

We’re a little under two weeks away from Halloween now. Give me a good scary movie to watch. Make it something new, something clever, something with throwback 80s effects but a 2019 sensibility. Have you heard of The Furies? No. Give me your best elevator pitch. Running Man meets Friday the 13th. Interesting, but can […]

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Via VHS Revival-We Need to Talk About Damien: The Omen and the Birth of a Monster

It’s smiles and cries with Richard Donner’s devilish horror epic There’s something terrifyingly ancient, unknown and immense about the best religious-themed horrors, where humankind and human achievement are made very small and insignificant in the face of apocalyptic, supernatural and monolithic power. Even when it’s the good side dispensing justice, the results can be terrifying […]

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Via B&S About Movies -SLASHER MONTH starts tomorrow!

October is almost upon us and you know what that means… It’s time to go crazy watching horror movies. Not just any horror movies. We’re talking stalk and slash. Awesome kills. Tom Savini. Prowlers, mutilators, phantom killers and the blackest eyes you’ve ever seen. Get ready for two slashers a day, all October long. I’ve […]

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