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For Ander, who is growing into a lion that knows the lion who is good but not safe Cronin’s The Hole in the Ground (2019) opens with an extreme close-up of the protagonist, Sarah (Seána Kerslake), and her glowering expression sets the tone for the slow-burn, surreal horror flick produced by A24. Similar to Jordan Peele’s Us, the […]

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Confinement adds a bit of an intrigue to a slasher, whether it’s the high gate in Hell Night or the dreamscape of A Nightmare on Elm Street. April Fool’s Day smartly employs an island to get more mileage out of its Ten Little Indians conceit. [Check out our accompanying April Fool’s Day podcast] A group […]

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Via Under the influence!-The Arthurian Realm: Morgan le Fay–Healer, Witch & the Woman Question

This article was first published on on November 29, 2018, titled British Legends: Morgan le Fay – Magical Healer or Renegade Witch? written by zteve t evans Introducing Morgan In Arthurian tradition, the elusive sorceress Morgan le Fay becomes one of King Arthur’s most dangerous foes, breaking traditional family bonds and working to undermine […]

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Scary Stories will be released on DVD on July 16 via Wild Eye Releasing. The feature-length documentary explores the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark short story collections, written by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated by Stephen Gammell.Directed by Cody Meirick, the film includes interviews with members of Schwartz’s family, R.L. Stine, Bruce Coville, Q.L.…

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