Via The Anomalous Host -Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Review and Comparison to the Novel

Rated: 2 / 5 So they did it, they made a modern adaptation of the novel (itself I have reviewed). How is it compared to the novel? As in most novel-to-film adaptations, not as good. And it suffers from some of the problems that I geared it would. Yet does have some balls with some […]

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BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES was the second film in the classic series. This was always my favorite ( although the first one was actually a PERFECT movie ) — my only complaint about BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES is that RODDY MC DOWALL was not in this one — but […]

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Via B&S About Movies – STEPHEN KING WEEK: Salem’s Lot (1979)

B&S About Movies reviews my all time favorite Stephen King adaptation – ‘Salems Lot! This movie taught me Horror Movie Survival Lesson #1 – Keep the windows closed & curtains drawn!

B&S About Movies

If you’re a writer in a Stephen King story, never ever go home. Nothing good is waiting for you there. Nothing at all. If your home is in New England, just forget about it. In fact, even if you aren’t a writer, don’t go back home. Don’t reunite with your friends. Just be happy with whatever you’ve got.

Originally airing on November 17 and 24, 1979, Salem’s Lot is considered one of the best Stephen King adaptions and some of Tobe Hooper’s finest directorial work.

We open in Guatemala, where Ben Mears (David Soul, TV’s Starsky and Hutch) and Mark Petrie (Lance Kerwin, Enemy Mine) are filling bottle after bottle with holy water until one glows. Whatever they’re chasing — or running from — has found them.

After that open, we go back in time two years, to when Ben moves back to Salem’s Lot, Maine. He’s come back…

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Via Welcome to Moviz Ark!-‘Happy Death Day 2’: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard Return With Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin Joining In!!!

While it’s been inevitable that Blumhouse would go forward with Happy Death Day 2 after the first installment raked in close to $123M worldwide, casting is in place for a production start on May 10. Jessica Rothe is returning for the Christopher Landon-directed sequel as well as Israel Broussard. Fans could have guessed this, and there’s a […]

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Via Hell Horror – Cold Skin (2017) Trailer

Trailer: Cold Skin (2017) In 1914, just after of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination that eventually caused World War I, a steamship approaches a desolate island on the edge of the Antarctic Circle, where a young nameless man is poised to take the post of weather observer, to live in solitude at the ends of the earth…

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Via Horror Freak News-Latest Casting & Behind-the-Scenes Pics for Rob Zombie’s “The Devils Rejects 2: 3 From Hell”

It’s been about a week since we last brought our readers casting news and behind the scenes pics from Rob Zombie’s sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, The Devil’s Rejects 2: 3 From Hell! In addition to Dee Wallace, who joins franchise alum Sig Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon Zombie, all confirmed cast members are…

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