Via Welcome to Moviz Ark!-‘Project Blue Book’: Aidan Gillen Investigates UFOs In First Trailer of the History Series!!

History has released the first trailer for its UFO drama Project Blue Book. The series stars Aidan Gillen as a skeptical college professor who is recruited by the US Air Force to lead investigations into UFO-related phenomena, and also features a cast that includes Laura Mennell, Michael Harney, and Michael Malarkey; watch the trailer here… […]

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Via B&S About Movies-Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

When discussing the Star Wars prequels, comedian Patton Oswalt said: “I was thinking the other day about a time machine…and the first thing I thought of doing if I actually had a time machine, is that I would go back in time to about 1993 or ’94, and kill George Lucas with a shovel.” So you […]

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Via We Review. You Watch. – Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Skip it. 5/10 “I’m Han Solo. Yeah nobody cares” Less of a Star Wars movie and more of a B-grade action film that’s set in the distant future. Solo: A Star Wars Story appears to be one of the largest signals that the Star Wars cow has officially begun to stop producing quality milk. What […]

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Via The Anomalous Host -Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Review and Comparison to the Novel

Rated: 2 / 5 So they did it, they made a modern adaptation of the novel (itself I have reviewed). How is it compared to the novel? As in most novel-to-film adaptations, not as good. And it suffers from some of the problems that I geared it would. Yet does have some balls with some […]

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Via Rearview Mirror-Madness, hysteria, panic and Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the radio ruled the air waves in homes around the world. An astonishing 80% of Americans, for example, had a radio in the home during the Golden Age of Radio. Between the early 1920’s to the early 1950’s the radio was for most people the first and […]

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