Via The Anomalous Host -Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Review and Comparison to the Novel

Rated: 2 / 5 So they did it, they made a modern adaptation of the novel (itself I have reviewed). How is it compared to the novel? As in most novel-to-film adaptations, not as good. And it suffers from some of the problems that I geared it would. Yet does have some balls with some […]

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Via Grindhouse Theology – The Horror of Modern Life Between Alien and Aliens

In the past month or so, I’ve been obsessing over the Alien series. When the Alien movies are good, they are very good, but that success never comes in the focus on the perfect killing machine, the titular alien. I, for one, have never been that enchanted by the alien itself. When the Alien movies […]

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Via Horror Freak News – (SPOILERS) Mom and Dad Ending Explained

One of the films on my 10 Best Horror Movies of 2018 So Far list (link below) is also one of the year’s most under-seen. Brian Taylor’s Mom and Dad flips all creepy/killer kids motifs on their heads while executing a unique spin on the virus subgenre of horror. Nic Cage and Selma Blair play…

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Via Trash Film Guru-“Creep 2” Still Creepy After All These Years

Everyone from casual horror fans to hard-core “found footage” aficionados was sufficiently impressed with co-writer/co-star/director and co-writer/co-star Mark Duplass’ 2014 indie horror effort Creep — this armchair critic included — to form a sort of impromptu “whisper campaign” in its favor that saw it end up punching well above its weight class and really leaving a […]

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Via Grindhouse Theology [Fred] Father of the Corn, But Not of the Year: Stephen King’s “1922”

What’s with you and corn, Stephen King? You got something against grains when they’re especially tall? In 1922, a movie from 2017 based on a novella by Stephen King, a farmer spends a lot of time in his corn field. Doing weird stuff. Were this Children of the Corn, you would know what I mean […]

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