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When discussing the Star Wars prequels, comedian Patton Oswalt said: “I was thinking the other day about a time machine…and the first thing I thought of doing if I actually had a time machine, is that I would go back in time to about 1993 or ’94, and kill George Lucas with a shovel.” So you […]

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Skip it. 5/10 “I’m Han Solo. Yeah nobody cares” Less of a Star Wars movie and more of a B-grade action film that’s set in the distant future. Solo: A Star Wars Story appears to be one of the largest signals that the Star Wars cow has officially begun to stop producing quality milk. What […]

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Via Welcome to Moviz Ark!-‘Happy Death Day 2’: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard Return With Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin Joining In!!!

While it’s been inevitable that Blumhouse would go forward with Happy Death Day 2 after the first installment raked in close to $123M worldwide, casting is in place for a production start on May 10. Jessica Rothe is returning for the Christopher Landon-directed sequel as well as Israel Broussard. Fans could have guessed this, and there’s a […]

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Sources are claiming (under condition of anonymity) that Blumhouse’s Halloween was test-screened for Audiences last night under the title Halloween: H40. Considering the film only wrapped principal photography 5 weeks ago, it’s possible the film and the title might be fine-tuned before it hits US Theaters on October 19th. The H40 is obviously a reference…

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