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There are films that are so strikingly odd that you end up remembering them and returning back to them again and again. I found that with “The Lobster”. This was the first film in English by Yorgos Lanthimos, and on first watching I honestly thought to myself “what the hell was that?” This obviously made […]

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Via B&S About Movies-Eye in the Labyrinth (1972)

The middle of the night is dangerous business. You can awaken from a dream where your psychiatrist boyfriend is murdered only to find that he has disappeared. Then your life will seem like a waking nightmare, but only if you’re Julie, the heroine of Eye of the Labyrinth. Known for her appearance in a two-part episode of The […]

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Via B&S About Movies-BIKER WEEK: Psychomania (1973)

Is there such a thing as a perfect movie? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you ask me, this combination of the occult and biker culture ranks really close. Tom Latham (Nicky Henson, Witchfinder General) leads The Living Dead, a motorcycle gang that causes trouble and occasionally dabbles in black magic. The worm filled apple didn’t fall far from […]

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Via We Minored in Film-The Pop Culture That Made Me Happy Last Month: June 2018

June 2018 will always be the month I got to finally say this: I talked, face to face, with a director after the exclusive premiere of his new movie. In all the years I’ve been doing this site, I’ve never been able to say that. But thanks to Denver Comic Con and the generosity of […]

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Via B&S About Movies-The Stepfather (1987)

I couldn’t think of a movie to watch for Father’s Day and then I remembered this, the kind of movie that puts the fear of God into kids who are in blended families. Henry Morrison (Terry O’Quinn, TV’s Lost, Silver Bullet) is introduced to us as he washes away the blood from killing his family, changes his […]

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