Via Horror Freak News BREAKING: Audiences Test-Screened Blumhouse’s “Halloween” Last Night!

Sources are claiming (under condition of anonymity) that Blumhouse’s Halloween was test-screened for Audiences last night under the title Halloween: H40. Considering the film only wrapped principal photography 5 weeks ago, it’s possible the film and the title might be fine-tuned before it hits US Theaters on October 19th. The H40 is obviously a reference…

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via Damn Fine TV-The Americans: A Very Killer Couple

One of the most beautiful and unique love stories in all of TV history has been hiding behind the thrill and suspense of a drama about Russian spies. The Americans may be outwardly concerned with geopolitics and foreign relations, but at the heart of it all is love and marriage.

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Horror Classic Review: The Omen — We Minored in Film

Even if you’ve never seen 1976’s The Omen you probably already know about its big twist. Similar to The Sixth Sense, the grand explanation at the end of The Omen is just one of those things you pick up over the years through cultural osmosis. You might remember watching an early South Park episode where […]

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Via Welcome to Moviz Ark!-‘New Mutants’ Reshoots to Bring Film Back to Straight Horror!!!

I’ve grown kind of numb to behind-the-scenes drama. I’ve seen movies that had no leaked drama turn out to be terrible and movies with lots of behind-the-scenes drama turn out to be good. It doesn’t really seem to indicate anything either way, but it makes for an interesting story. That’s why I wasn’t really moved […]

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Via Horror Freak News – (SPOILERS) Mom and Dad Ending Explained

One of the films on my 10 Best Horror Movies of 2018 So Far list (link below) is also one of the year’s most under-seen. Brian Taylor’s Mom and Dad flips all creepy/killer kids motifs on their heads while executing a unique spin on the virus subgenre of horror. Nic Cage and Selma Blair play…

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