Via B&S About Movies -Carnival of Souls (1962)

This 1962 American independent horror film is literally an auteur production: it was written, produced and directed by Herk Harvey, as well as featuring him in the role of the spectral figure that haunts its heroine. While teaching and directing plays at the University of Kansas, Harvey started working for the Centron Corporation as a film […]

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Via B&S About Movies-The Lady in White (1988)

If all Frank LaLoggia had made was the utterly bizarre Fear No Evil, he’d still be a filmmaker to celebrate. Luckily, he also gifted us with this film, a ghost story that bombed on initial release but has gone on to be a celebrated film, one that’s just as much about growing up as it is […]

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Via Grindhouse Theology- The Eye of The Innocents [McKenna]

What happens when we fix our eyes on things we are not supposed to see, when we behold that which we were not meant to behold? Do those things to which we expose ourselves become part of us, shaping us, forming us into vessels in their own image? And by the same token, can innocence […]

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Via Grindhouse Theology-Our Holy Book is a Horror Story: A Reflection on Christians and Horror Films [Chris]

I have been a fan of horror films since I was a young kid. If memory serves me correctly, the first horror film I ever saw was The Exorcist. It seemed to me, even then, there was something more here, something which allowed for further exploration. Even as a young kid, albeit in a very […]

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Via Horror Writers Association Blog-Horror and Halloween in Singapore by Christina Sng

When you grow up in a haunted house, you expect to see something supernatural at some point, especially when an aunt claims to have heard chains dragging along the hallway and another family member allegedly saw ghosts. But my skepticism grew up with me when I saw nothing. Not even a moving shadow. It was terribly…

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