Via Under the influence!-Anansi Tales: The Lesson of The Magical Cooking Pot

There was a time when a long and terrible famine came upon the land where Anansi lived and he struggled to find food to feed his wife and family. One day as he walked by the seashore he looked out over the ocean and was surprised to sea rising from the waves a small island with a tall palm tree growing upon it that he had never seen before.

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Via Issac Meyer History of Japan Podcast – Episode 240 All in the Family, Part 2

This week, we cover the sengoku era history of the Shimazu clan, and their meteoric ascent from minor lords to major ones in the span of a few decades. Plus, the Tokugawa and the Shimazu, the role of sugar in the Shimazu clan’s fortunes, and the invasion of the Ryukyu islands. It’s a packed episode!…

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