Via We Minored in Film-Serenity Has a Really Bad Twist Going For It, Which Is Nice

If you know Serenity at all, it’s likely through all of the recent headlines about its totally bonkers twist. Or you’re simply confused why everyone is suddenly talking about Joss Whedon’s fantastic Firefly movie. Rest assured, this is a different Serenity. No leaves on the wind here. Instead, think of Matthew McConaughey as a deranged […]

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Via Movie News & Reviews Will ‘Shazam’ Be The Next Success Story For The DCEU?

Well known for his work on 2017’s ‘Annabelle Creation’, Director David F. Sandberg is at it again but this time he is overseeing a more lighthearted film in ‘Shazam‘ starring Zachary Levi set to be released on 5th April, 2018. This is the 7th film in the DCEU and it follows a young orphan in […]

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Via B&S About Movies-TABLOID WEEK: The Force Beyond (1978)

The Weekly World News was launched in 1979 by The National Enquirer publisher Generoso Pope, Jr. as a means to keep using the black-and-white press that when that higher profile tabloid went to full color. Unlike any of the other rags you’d get at the supermarket, The Weekly World News was unafraid to wildly speculate on aliens, monsters and Elvis. It also introduced Batboy to the […]

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