Year End Horror Movie Challenge Begins

[ Aaron Poole as officer Daniel Carter in The Void. Featured image courtesy Screen Media Films.Net]

Some people have a post holiday season goal to get back in shape after too much indulgence. After reading Scott Weinberg’s The Best Horror Movies of 2017 (So Far) on Thrillist, I have a pre-New Year’s goal. As I read through Mr. Weinberg’s list, I realized I’d only seen six of the 30(!) movies featured. Sigh. What to do?

Start a crash horror movie watching regime, of course. Thanks to Netflix I caught The Void. I’m only 23 movies behind  instead of 30. As I go through titles I’ll put up a short review – and be better prepared to creat my own “Best of” list for posting here on F&S and on SciFi4Me/Horror4Me.



Mythical Beasts: The Salamander

Under the influence!

Salamanders have long held a significant place in the folklore and mythology of many different countries around the world.  Fantastic powers and attributes have been bestowed upon them giving them a place in mythology, alchemy, heraldry and popular culture that is perhaps surprising, for what in reality is a rather small,  humble creature.

The real salamander is a very different creature to the one of legend so how did it come to be given attributes that makes it a popular emblem on the Coat of Arms for Royalty, nobility, insurers, local authorities and many other organisations?

Emblem of salamander that lives in fire – Image Author unknown – Public Domain image due to its age.

The Real Salamander

Salamanders can be found in many parts of the world and there are known to be around five hundred species.  They are found in Europe, Asia, some parts of Africa, and North…

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SciFiGuyDM Recommends The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt


[Image courtesy]

If you, or a finicky sci-fi fan in your lifehave a hankering for an intelligent space opera/hard sf reading experience, give The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt a try.

Mr. Fang and Saucer loves it. To quote “Its Firefly style space opera with great characters, witty dialogue, and an interesting premise that sucks you in right away and doesn’t give any indication of letting up.”




My SciFi4Me LIVE FROM THE BUNKER Interview with Mandela Van Peebles

[JIGSAW image courtesy SAW official Facebook page; Mandela Van Peebles photo courtesy Lionsgate/Anderson Group Public Relations]


MandelaLive From the Bunker takes a Halloween detour into Saw territory and a discussion with actor Mandela Van Peebles. Besides being a member of an illustrious Hollywood acting family, Mandela stars in JIGSAW, the eighth movie in the long running, intensely disturbing, and very profitable Saw franchise.

Besides his role as Mitch in Jigsaw, we have a chance to talk about working with his actor/director/writer father Mario Van Peebles, the intricacies involved in working on a horror movie, and his past and future projects in the entertainment industry.