Rearview Mirror on Star Wars: The Last Jedi in-depth fan review: ‘From being underwhelmed to truly embracing a film with heart.’

Rearview Mirror

SPOILER WARNING: There is a general discussion of the film’s content in the following review.

Sometimes I wish the original trilogy were the only films ever made. They were perfect in my eyes. But I am happy to admit I have embraced the whole Star Wars saga (which includes six seasons of the TV series The Clone Wars and Rebels, currently into its fourth season) over a lifetime, despite some of my reservations that the prequels were somewhat of an exercise in indulgence by George Lucas. That said, some of it was awful and some of it was really good, especially The Revenge of the Sith (2005).

More recently a wonderful reboot under the control of the Disney empire without uncle George has seen the franchise slowly grapple with expectations of hard die fans and moving the saga forward. A few years ago I said that handing over the…

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