Well, I got to see One Hour of Dracula Unbound today….

I love our local Value Cinema. Even though it’s for sale, I have a lot of fond memories of some great, good and sometimes outright terrible movies I’ve seen for $2.00. Today I was going to see Dracula Unbound It was that or Ouija, since Annabelle didn’t start until 4-ish and I didn’t want to fork over another buck.
But JUST AFTER Luke Evans makes a really bad decision regarding his future and decimates the Turkish Army by himself, the movie literally wobbled, split into three images and died. I guess that things don’t end well for Dracula, Mrs. Dracula, Dracula Jr. or Transylvania as a whole, but it would’ve been nice to actually see it.
Why? Because as formulaic horror spectacles go, Dracula Unbound wasn’t terrible. Despite seriously shoehorning a heroic character into a scumbag historical personage, Dracula Unbound had a couple things that made me want to see the preordained ending.
– The costumes and scenery were suitably over-the-top, as was the pseudo-Shakespeare dialog
– Was that Charles Dance as Decrepit Vampire in Cave?
– The scene with Decrepit Vampire in a Cave showed just how terrible eternal un-life as a vampire would be. The idea of choosing to become one should be a horrific choice, not a passport to the Enternal Jet Set existence of Twilight’s SparklePires.

Sigh. Now I’ll get the BR just to see the darned ending!

Free Horror Worth Your Reading Time

If you subscribe to BookBub.com or EReaderperks.com, you can find a lot (sometime too much) to read for little to no cost. When a book is that inexpensive in money, the question for me becomes – was it worth the time invested as a reader?  For the title below, my answer is yes.  Not all are perfect, but all had enough interest and originality to keep me reading to the end.

Hope you enjoy them also.

In addition to the sites mentioned above, NOOK readers can go to B&N.com and enter 0.00 horror in the B&N search bar (or 0.00 science fiction, or mystery).  I select from Newest to Oldest, and browse.  I’ve found a couple good reads this way.

As of this post date, all of the books listed were  free on B&N.com (since I have a NOOK E-reader), but most if not all can be found on  platforms such as Smashwords or Amazon.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens ISBN-13 9781451685626 I know there are a lot of free editions of this title, but this one has a very nice typeface/readability; from Simon & Schuster/Atria Books

The Rollerboard by A. E. Hodge BN ID: 2940046427707 Post apocalyptic short story with an interesting narrative technique and a nice twist ending.

The Edge of Life by Joe Hart BN ID: 2940045363679 Another short story, contemporary setting, very Twilight-zone/horror-ish

13 Drops of Blood by Daley, James Roy BN ID: 2940011176890 Any book that has an introduction entitled “Dear Literate Horror Fan” mentioning the 1979 miniseries ‘Salem’s Lot has a place in my library.

Dead Leaves: Eight Tales from the Witching Season by Kealan Patrick Burke BN ID: 2940032800989