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The Norliss Tapes, a tale about zombies, vampirism, and general occult malfeasance, has a surprising amount of scares for a 1970s TV movie. But don’t underestimate the small-screen horror offerings from this period, as they tend to have a good deal of atmosphere and lull viewers into a false sense of security before the jump-out-of-your-seat […]

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Via CULT FACTION-Are you ready for Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space?

We’re just over 3 months into the covid-19 lock-downs but that hasn’t stopped Australian producer and actor, David Black, from keeping the product coming. David has released 5 short movies in this time — “Babble On, Babylon”, “Quest of Questions”, Blargenfloof and the Seventh Golden Shamrock”, “Sinister Symbiosis” and “Klink, Klunk, Klonk”. David is teaming…

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Via Review Tales by Jeyran Main-Among the Dead by Stephen Kennedy (Book Review #719)

Among the dead is a post-apocalyptic action story about a pandemic that has taken over the world. A virus has taken over humans changing their behaviour making them violent and uncontrollable. Samantha, one of the lucky ones who managed to remain unaffected travels to upstate New York in search of her husband. On her way, […]

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Via Grindhouse Theology-The Madness of the Moment in Mayhem (2017): On Quarantining Both the Incivility Infection and the Privilege Pathogen

No one raindrop thinks it caused the flood. -Melanie Cross (Mayhem) While traveling through Mississippi on the way back from New Orleans on Monday, I saw flashing blue lights behind me and felt a lurch in my throat. Like a lot of us, I was on auto-pilot traveling down the highway, going five miles over […]

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Get ready for a shift at Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium with… — Broke Horror Fan

Get ready for a shift at Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium with Fright-Rags’ Scare Package collection. Three designs by Marc Schoenbach and Kyle Crawford for Shudders’ horror anthology are available for $28 each.

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Via ComingSoon.Net-Telluride Film Festival Cancelled Due to Pandemic

Telluride Film Festival cancelled due to pandemic The Colorado-based Telluride Film Festival, which last year saw the debut of multiple acclaimed hits including Uncut Gems and Ford v. Ferrari, is the latest to bite the global pandemic dust as this year’s event has officially been cancelled, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: American Black Film Festival is Getting Virtual…

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La Llorona (1933) — B&S About Movies

The first Mexican horror film, this movie is all about the legend of “The Crying Woman.” There’s been a film made about this story every few years and few of them are good. This one at least has some interesting atmosphere and is historically important. Maria is a woman who has two children and is […]

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New & exclusive on SHUDDER! METAMORPHOSIS (2020) aka BYEONSHIN Directed by Hong-seon Kim Written by Hong-seon Kim Starring Sung-Woo Bae, Dong-il Sung, Young-nam Jang, Hye-Jun Kim, Yi-Hyun Cho, Kang-Hoon Kim, Kwi-seon Kim, Dae-han Ji, Jeon Mi Do, Se-hee Kim, Mary Joy L. Aparte, Yun-shik Baek, Glenn Ivan, Razel Kim, Tae-rin Kim, Dae-hwan Oh I think […]